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Bad Blogger…

Well I will admit to anyone who reads this lately that I have been a bad blogger.  Honestly, I have just been extremely busy with work, the family, and studying for a very important exam that I have in June.  After that I will definitely being experimenting with some more of my photography toys and posting the results.  Until then…


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Welcome to KSQ Photography Blog!

First I would like to say that I am a photographer by hobby. I admit that I am by no means a professional!  I should tell you before I go any further that I am a Nikon man, though I have nothing against Canon.  It is simply that when I got into the digital SLR market, the Nikon D300 had just been released and was for my purposes the best camera available.  I am very happy with the performance of the D300 over the past few year and my seriousness for photography has grown tremendously.  I would classify myself as a nature/outdoors photography…though for now you could even subclassify me as a bird photographer.  I live very close to the island of Galveston, TX and birds are one thing we have a lot of!

I am starting this blog due to several requests from my friends who are also into photography but who do not spend as much time, effort, or money on the hobby as I do.  They wanted me to have a forum to share my experiences, knowledge, and information about equipment.  I should also tell you that I am a trial and error type of person, and it is in this way that I have learned most of my photography.  I read a lot on a particular photography subject and then go and try it out to get practical experience in that area.  This has worked well for me thus far.  I preface my blog with this information so that you as the reader know my background and can adjust your expectation or interest in this blog accordingly.  I am not a professional who knows every technical term or theory in photography to discuss and explain.  Instead, I am a person who is probably just like you who enjoys photography and has decided to “talk” about his experiences.  Simple as that.  So you will notice that many of my “reviews” are not in depth discussions of the technical aspects of a particular piece of equipment, but rather short descriptions and impressions, supplemented by lots of sample photos.  I prefer to let you make your own decisions about how well something will work for your particular needs based on the sample photos I provide.  I would recommend double clicking on photos so you can see it at 100% magnification since sometimes there are subtle differences between photos.

The majority of my blog will probably revolve around my photography equipment with review, sample images, and different tests.  I will probably also discuss some techniques and theory from time to time.  I am also willing to try various things with my equipment upon request and then “publish” the results.   Hopefully some of the information I share will be helpful to some.  Please feel free to leave constructive feedback! Thanks for viewing

My website:  KSQ Photography


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