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Yellowstone National Park Southern Loop Map and Photography Tour

Yellowstone National Park Southern Loop Map and Photography Tour

I visited Jackson, Wyoming in August 2010 and had the pleasure of touring around the Grand Teton National Park area and the southern loop of Yellowstone National Park.  I had plenty of time to explore and feel like I found many of the top scenic and nature sites in the area.  I put together this pdf file which contains an annotated map of Yellowstone’s southern loop with some of my favorite photos fromeach location.  Each site is designated with a yellow star that you can click on to provide a brief description of the site.  There is also reference to a “Slide #”, of which the slides can be found below the map and possess a few sample photos that I took from each area.  Obviously, there is nothing quite like experiencing a destination for yourself.  But, I hope this resource serves as a mini tour guide to help you prioritize your photography trip to the Yellowstone.  

Click below for the pdf file or right click to download (WARNING, this is a huge file (15MB) due to the size of the map and photos.  It may be easier to download this file for viewing versus doing so in your internet browser window.  Also you will need adobe acrobat reader to view the pdf file)

Yellowstone National Park Southern Loop Map and Photography Tour

See also a similar map for Grand Teton’s National Park (below):

Grand Teton National Park Map and Photography Tour

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Enjoy!




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