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Energizer Rechargeable Batteries for MB-D10 Battery Grip

Nikon offers three battery grips  (the MB-D1o, MB-D80, and MB-D200) for some of their digital SLR cameras like the D300, D700, D90, & D200.  It is possible to use the standard Nikon EN-EL3e batteries in these battery grips which will double the number of shots you can take because they hold two batteries instead of one that the camera would take without the grip. 

Another alternative, a better one in my opinion, is to use the AA battery adapter that comes with the grip.  This will require you to use  at total of eight double A batteries (8 AA’s) in the place of the EN-EL3e batteries.  The benefit to using AA batteries with cameras like the Nikon D300 and D700,  are an increased frame rate up to 8 frames per second!  When I bought the MB-D10 battery grip originally, I did NOT know this and thought I would get 8 frames per second on the D300 by just using 2 EN-EL3e batteries.  Not so much.  However, this led me to a great discovery of the Energizer Rechargeable batteries with 15 minute charger.  Out of necessity I had to find a reasonably priced option to get the most out of my camera and battery grip…I mean come one I wanted those 8 frames per second but didn’t want to sell a kidney to pay for it! 

In my experience the Energizer Rechargeable Batteries are worth their weight in gold, and now I have them in every remote, calculator, clock, and battery-powered gizmo in my house.  So why do I like them so much? 

1.  They have saved me TONS of money.  Let me break it down for you.  I bought 2 of the Energizer 15minute chargers two years ago.  At the time I spent about $60 on the 2 chargers combined (~$30 each) and another~$25 on an eight pack of Energizer Rechargeable AA batteries.  That’s around $85 total.  In case you are wondering, I bought 2 chargers so that I could charge all eight batteries at once since each will charge up to four batteries.  Anyway…$85 two years ago for the setup and I can honestly say that if you averaged it out, I probably recharge my batteries about once a week.  A single charge will easily last me two to three days of average shooting which would be around 1500+ photos.  I rarely however have been in a situation where I didn’t have access to an outlet for longer than a few days, so I don’t frequently allow the batteries to go completely dead.  So based on this usage of charging 8 batteries charged per week, with 52 weeks in a year, and over a 2 year period, that equals about 832 batteries charged.  In other words if I would have disposed of each battery each time (which I didn’t because they are rechargable..duh) then I would have gone through 832 batteries in two years time.  I just checked out Amazon.com and you can buy a 16 pack of disposable Energizer AA batteries for about $15 dollars.  If I would have been using these disposable AA batteries over the past two years, I would have gone through 52 of these sixteen packs (832/16=52) of batteries at $15 a pack….for a grand total of $780!!!  So I saved around $700 in batteries over a 2 year period by using rechargeable.

2. Very reliable:  As I mentioned, I have had them for 2 year now and charged them nearly 100 times and I only recently had to replace one of the chargers.  Initially, I though the old batteries were going bad (which they probably are not as good as they were two years ago), but I was able to charge them with the new 15 minute charger and they have held their charge just fine.  The charger will actually blink red when it detect a problem with the battery arrangments or “bad” batteries.  In this case, I think it was indicating a bad charger! 

3. Saved me more money:  Yes I like to save money so I can spend more on camera equipment!  Because I have now converted all the batteries in my home to rechargeable, I haven’t purchased a non-rechargeable battery in two years.  That’s better for my pocket book and for the environment.  It’s a nice extra benefit to know that there are not 800 dead AA batteries sitting in some landfill because of photography hobby. 

Well that’s about all I have on this topic.  I thought something simple would be nice to start with for my first review.  I hope someone finds this interesting or useful.  Thanks for reading!

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